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Meh. That's all I have to say. [15 Jul 2005|12:54am]

[ mood | sad ]

Somehow, I cried.

Lips mustered,
lungs quivered,
oxygen escaped.

Hot icy water
rained down
on unknown hells.

Face a sloppy
excuse for a
wet, disheveled
slab of skin.

Body regressed
to its origins
of embryonic

Limbs and organs
melted into
the void behind
lost noises.

For what...


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Serious Poets & Writers Wanted [07 Jul 2005|05:06pm]
Our community needs creative work by mature writers:

Join Evidence of Life!

Interested? Read about us here: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=evidence0flife

Do you have what it takes? Apply at evidence0flife - A little something for the passionate intellectual

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Why do we have to die? [21 May 2005|01:18am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Man...about this time last year, this place was jumpin. Let's do that again. I'll start. (Plus, I kind of miss it)


Paint me pictures in your eyes
so I can capture them in my mouth
when we're sitting in those branches
watching that light fall from the sky.

While we're watching, let's fall,
into each other, into the abyss,
into the world of which
only we exist.

We'll exist as beings of our own kind.
Let's lose the rest of humanity,
curl up in bed,
and sleep the world away.

The world will move on without us anyway.
It won't miss us,
It won't remember us,
in 100 years anyway.

Years fly.
So if we must,
let's do so.


I've noticed I've got this 4 line stanza thing going for me lately. *shrug*

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x-posted PROMO [15 Apr 2005|07:25pm]

I re-read the rules and didn't see anyhting against promos, so, here you go kiddies! Cut for friendliness.Collapse )

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*shrug* I need motivation [12 Apr 2005|10:59pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

There is a poetry contest deadline tomorrow. I have tons of stuff I could use, but I can't pick just three. It's hard. So I'm going to write something here (again) and see if I like what comes out. Help me out here. Please.

Your Typical Love Cliche

He loves me, he loves me not--
is today the day?
Will he come to pick me up
and carry me away?

Now the woe has taken over
and I am caving in;
I don't think I can stand
the pain I feel within.

The world is bleak and grey
Beneath these blackened rims;
life has no more meaning
now that I don't have him.

But wait--what is this?
What have I now found?
Another wishes to escort me
to the prom downtown?

It's a dream! A curse!
A wonderous wish come true!
I'll wear my dress, I'll do my nails
And buy an extra pair of shoes!

At their house getting smashed
we'll later laugh with friends,
the next day I'll awake to find
I slept with him in bed.

Next week I'll see something else,
my belly looks a bit big,
I won't remember any of it
But he'll claim that he did.

Everyone will think I get around,
that I'm easy and cheap to score--
but who cares! It hasn't happened yet,
so I'm headed to the store.

I want the dress with the slit up the thigh
So what's-his-name will drool
I'll play hard to get
and still come off as cool.

There is no tomorrow yet
We still have today
You only live once you know--
that's what I say.

Okay, I think that sucks. Oh well, I tried.

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F.Y.I. [12 Apr 2005|09:35pm]

This is Shary.
Formally known as suicidalfcuk.

New journal!


Cross posted everywhere!

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Of__Nothing [06 Apr 2005|02:54pm]


You should join


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Yay for randomness! [21 Mar 2005|04:56pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I really feel like writing something, but I don't know what about, so here it goes....

An apple has left my eye
I only see a tree--
a bulky nothing.

His branches shake the leaves,
they fall on my head--
I pay no heed.

I found a pretty bear,
he saw a pretty face;
we met once.

Dismantled we became,
any bear is never tame,
so I was alone.

An unexpected happening,
I wandered into a place
of connected rhythms and words.

A star took me to the side
we laughed before we said goodbye--
I slipped him a wink.

Not a score, but much time later
here we lie in peace;
I've got my star, he has his,
and the air is oh so sweet.

No more trees, no more bears,
only a star.


I've decided I'll call it Fairy Tale

And I think this is going to wind up X-posted. :D

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[19 Mar 2005|11:56am]

This is more a free form poem than anything. Part of a series I made in another one of my diaries on the web. It's lowercase to give a sense of apathy. It's about suburbia.

The Sun That Never SetsCollapse )

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[16 Mar 2005|08:04pm]

I have writers block and it is really driving me insane.

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Another promo [16 Mar 2005|04:20pm]

[ mood | okay ]

I heart banner making

I know, I haven't posted anything here in a while...bad me. But, I will make it a point to post something new in here sometime before the end of this month. Promise. If I don't hold true to it, somebody can come stalk me, hunt me down, and make me. So there, I guess. (?)

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[18 Feb 2005|01:13am]

iDeNTiTy CriSiS

who am i?
i don't understand.
what's happening to me?
this isn't fair.
i don't know who i am
but everyone around me
says i'm not real.
what does that mean?
chemical imbalance?
brain malfunction?
illness unknown?
and everyone pretends to be
what they really aren't.
i'm so confused.
don't know who to trust.
don't know what to think.
don't know who to be.
don't know who i am.
i don't want to be
what they want to see
i want to be me
but i don't know
who that is anymore.


copyright © 2005

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x-posted [14 Feb 2005|01:17am]
I started a new creative writing community.
I'd like to become siblings...

Please take a look?

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My webiste, writings included... [03 Feb 2005|12:38am]
Driving Too Fast:

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Because I just do [28 Jan 2005|12:49pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I feel like writing something. But I don't know what. So I am going to resort to what I always do: I'm just gonna write whatever comes out off the top of my head. Let's see how this goes.

Articulation unclear.
The next number isn't you.
Can I help who's next?

Under the third shelf
you'll find what wasn't mine.
see it?

Plastered and stiff,
from the ridges you wrote
oh so many nights ago.

Suffocation surpasses,
there's too many signs
that point to...?

In all of her glory,
through all of his sin,
mangled combustions of us.

Tattered and torn,
he has left him alone,
never once lifting the seal.

Was there a time back then,
for you to quietly pause,
and overlook your state?

It's just not the same;
Hand over the next plate,
and sleep without sound.

Delicacy demolished,
everything sealed,
we all fall down.

*shrug* Not bad I guess.

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The ground is beautiful until it meets your face... [25 Jan 2005|10:55am]
Arizona deserts
on foggy days
the humidity sticking
to your tongue
Sour kisses and
bittersweet negotiations
balance on the lips of lovers lost
Leather seats
in a cramped, beat-up car
never molds the silence
into deeper, soother sounds
Shallow breaths
seem like simultaneous agreements
for a missed vacation

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Join me in my sorrow for lovers united. [18 Jan 2005|10:19am]
Join excuse_me___. Because it is sex, and better than any other poetry group online...

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3 poems [10 Jan 2005|04:18pm]

Your presence lingers here,
Why won’t you leave me alone?
I gave you all of me,
I would of done anything,
Then you walked out of my life one cold day.
Every day you captivated me,
Now you left me with the reality that love is cold and the pain I can’t bear.
I was yours,
But yet you still hold my heart in your hand.
It’s as if this is a game.
Wishing that I had known that it was an act all along.
I was the one who held your hand through your fears and wiped those tears.
Where those fake just as well?
But now, who will wipe my tears?

With each falling tear,
I miss you more.
Laying here alone.
I can feel your arms around me.
as I sniffle I smell your scent that lingers in the air.
It's just as if you are here,
Where are you?
Wiping my cheek,
I feel the tenderness of your lips kissing away my tears.
It's all so real.
Have you really left?
You're still here in spirt and in my heart,
yet your miles away.
still feeling your presence I wipe my lonely tear.

You're the man that brings out the best in me,
You're the one who lets me see the world in all those colors.
The one that makes my kness go weak.
It's you that takes way my breath,
time and time again.
I found the one that takes my pain and sorrow away,
in you.
You are the one I want to be around forever more.
It's you who is on my mind and in my dreams every day and every night.
you're the want I need every day.

You are the one for me..
It's simply.....you.

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[10 Jan 2005|06:28am]

Hey everyone, this is the mod, Wendy (between_spaces). I changed my lj name..again lol. Just thought everyone should know! :)

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[08 Jan 2005|08:48pm]

[ mood | moody ]

this horrible feeling that i have inside
a feeling of uncertainty
makes me feel so uneasy
theres a battle inside my mind
and knots in my stomach
who ever said there had to be a reason to cry
these tears in my hands
i don't understand
am i feeling sad
am i feeling happy
all i know is im lost
lost within my own thoughts
problems arise and it's all in my head
i get so many rushes of so many things
random impulses to cry, or to smile instead
sometimes i want to throw things and sometimes fix things
my brain is a puzzle, maybe riddles
maybe i just make such an easy thing like feeling an emotion so hard
illusions or reality?
and now everyones fed up with me
i've pushed and i've tugged
i've hated and i've loved
i'm not understandable or bareable
i've tried to surrender from this battle
i've tried not trying
i'm now just trying to survive.

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