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toxic_words's Journal

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welcome to toxic_words!

I am the moderator, Wendy, my lj name is caffeinexaddict, I also have another lj name,exit_dramatic, and our co-moderator is dreamlaughlove, who also has another lj name, _sprinkly_, but has been too lazy to mention it. *tsk tsk*

prettiful poetry leaves
created by dreamlaughlove

This is an open community; feel free to post anything you've written, whether it be a poem, short story, song, or just some feelings that you've wanted to express. Questions about writing are also encouraged. There are a few rules which should be pretty easy to follow.

-Please be respectful to all writers. Let's all be mature here.

-Plagiarism is morally wrong and not allowed in this community. You will be banned on the first offense.

-Have fun, make friends, and be creative!

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